School Bulletin 16 – 28th May 2021

School Bulletin


WEEK IN REVIEW: Week 16 has seen the BSCR Community celebrate Eco-Week.  Students in all year levels have undertaken a range of eco-themed activities, which have included educational talks, tutorials, competitions, videos, games and much more.  We would like to thank all staff members for supporting this initiative.  Also particular thanks go to the following secondary students for their work in organising the various events and activities: Álvaro Barquero, Mariana Mora, Mariana Castro, José Luis Valeur, Luciana Aguilar, Javier Gutiérrez, Maria Jimena Segura, Maria Paula Solís, Miranda Chacón, Poppy Charnock, Pedro Cortez, Jorge Moreno, Luis Campos, Allan Fan, Isabella Usai and Anamaría Murllo.

BSCR PRIMARY AND SECONDARY NEWSPAPERS:We would like to invite all members of our community to visit our BSCR Virtual Newspapers. These two wonderful initiatives are managed and curated by students from each section. Please note that access to these sites are restricted to people who have a registered email account. As such, any parent wishing to view this site will need to do so with their child/ren.



MUN – BEST DELEGATE AWARD: We would like to congratulate Roberto Zúñiga Casado on being awarded the ‘Best Delegate’ at the 2021 Country Day School International Model United Nations. Well done to Robert on an outstanding achievement!

HEALTH AND SAFETY UPDATE: We would like to remind all members of our community that we are continually monitoring the latest information available and revising our operating procedures to ensure the on-going safety of our community. Please remember to notify our Infirmary staff immediately on of any situations related to Covid-19 within your social bubble.



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