School Bulletin 23 – 13th August 2021

School Bulletin


Learning Schedule for the week of the 16th to the 20th of August:

Monday 16th to Friday 20th of August EY, Y1, Y3, Y5, Y6, Y9, Y11 and Y12 (Mock Exams) Y2, Y4, Y7, Y8 and Y10


WEEK IN REVIEW: Week 23 has seen our Year 12 students start their IB mock examinations (they end on Tuesday of next week).  These examinations play an important role in providing our students with the opportunity to experience what their final IB exams will be like.  We wish each of our Year 12 students the best of luck with their remaining mock exams.

This week has also seen us recognise 133 Secondary students for achieving Honour Roll status in the first semester.  To achieve a place on our Honour Roll, which begins in Year 6, students must average a B+ or higher across all subjects and have an average conduct of ‘good’ or above. Congratulations to each of the 133 students on their achievement.

BSCR STUDENTS AS GUEST SPEAKERS FOR UCR SEMINAR: On Thursday 5th of August, several of our students were invited to participate in a seminar organized by the University of Costa Rica and the University of Osnabrück (Germany) as part of an international summer course on Human Rights.  Pedro Cortés (Year 10), Valentina Sosto (Year 10) and Roberto Zúñiga (Year 8) shared the student perspective on how Model United Nations conferences are an excellent opportunity for meaningful learning, while cultivating a real connection to current global and human rights issues. Participants were very impressed by what our students had to say and how well they spoke. If you are interested in getting involved in a future MUN conference, please contact Teacher Paula Figueroa or Teacher Isaac Zúñiga.

YEARBOOK 2021: Below is our revised yearbook photo schedule.  Please note that students should come to school on their assigned day in full school uniform.  The School Administration will be in touch with any student who is currently following our virtual-learning only option (i.e. is not attending in-person classes) to organise the submission of their yearbook photo:

  • Monday 16th August: Y3A, Y3B, Y3C, Y11C, Y11D, Y11E, Y9A, Y9B and Y9C
  • Tuesday 17th August: Y6A, Y6B, Y6C, Y5A, Y5B and Y5C
  • Tuesday 24th August: Y2A, Y2B, Y2C, Y10A, Y10B, Y10C, Y8A, Y8B and Y8C
  • Wednesday 25th August: Y7A, Y7B, Y7C, Y1A, Y1B, Y1C, Y4A and Y4B
  • Thursday 26th August: EY1A, EY2A, EY2B, EY2C, EY3A, EY3B, EY3C and Y4C

Year 11 NB will take their ‘cap and gown’ graduation photos on Tuesday the 17th of August.  Year 12 IB will take their ‘cap and gown’ graduation photos on Wednesday the 18th of August.  The Administration will be in contact with these students directly to provide them with instructions.

TENNIS RANING NO. 1: We would like to congratulate Adrian Quiros Monterrey (Y10) on being ranked as the number one tennis player in Costa Rica in the Under 16 and Under 18 categories.  We wish Adrian the best of luck for his upcoming tournaments in El Salvador and Panama.

OLCOMA NATIONAL MATH OLYMPIAD: Congratulations to the following students who will compete in the OLCOMA National Math Olympiad Semi-Finals.  Well done!

Level 1 (Friday 3rd of September): Marco Prado Laurencich.

Level 2 (Thursday 2nd of September): Isabela D’Arsie Cordero, Cristel Haaversen Vargas, Leonardo Jiménez Somarriba, Lina Laurencich Prado, Ally Lin He, Carlos Shum Apuy, Roberto Zúñiga Casado.     

Level 3 (Wednesday 1st of September): Álvaro Barquero Rodríguez, Benjamin Dean, Javier Gutiérrez Bach, Diego Laurencich Prado, Nicole Lipschitz Kesselman, Rebeca López Brenes, Sofía Ruiz Mazzali.

IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES: We would like to remind all parents that there will be no in-person lessons on Monday the 23rd of September (i.e. it will be virtual learning for all year levels).  This is due to the fact that our staff members will be receiving their second Covid-19 vaccine on that day.

We would also like to inform Secondary parents that virtual Parent-Teacher meetings will take place on Wednesday the 25th of August between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  Instructions will be sent to parents next week about reserving meeting times with teachers.  As a result of these meetings, both in-person and virtual classes for Secondary students will end at 12:00 pm on this day.

IB / NB AND IGCSE CHOICES: Separate communications are being sent out at present to students and parents in Year 8 and Year 10 concerning students’ choice of IGCSE subjects for Year 9 in 2022 and students’ choice of curricula (IB or NB) for year 11 in 2022.  If parents (Years 8 and 10 only) have not receive this initial information by today (Friday), then please contact the School.  

HEALTH AND SAFETY: We would like to remind all members of our community of the importance of following the requirements and recommendations of the Ministry of Health while off campus.  Irresponsible actions undertaken while off campus can potentially have an impact on all members of our community and thus we respectfully request compliance with the Ministry’s recommendations.



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