School Bulletin 35 – 11th of November 2022

School Bulletin

Upcoming Dates

Monday 14th November

Start of Primary STEM Week

Start of OLCOMA National Finals

Thursday 17th November

Duke of Edinburgh Field Trip – La Cruz de Alajuelita

Friday 18th November

Last day of classes for Year 11NB Students

Monday 21st November

Start of Year 6 to Year 9 End of Year Exam Week

Wednesday 23rd November

Study Day for all Secondary Students

Thursday, 24th November

Early Years 3 Crossing Over Ceremony (9:00 am)

Tuesday 29th November

Year 5 Graduation Ceremony (9:00 am)

Wednesday 30th November

Year 12 IB Graduation Ceremony (2:00 pm)

Thursday 1st December

Year 11 NB Graduation Ceremony (9:00 am)


Early Years and Primary

Early Years 2 Parent Activity
On Friday of last week, Early Years 2 students invited their parents into school for some special activities. The parents were able to watch some wonderful musical performances; they then took part in a “Superhero” craft project before enjoying a snack with their children. Thank you to all of the parents that were able to join us for this activity.  Please check our Instagram page for photos.

Service Learning
As part of their Service Learning Project, Year 5A invited doña Carolina and Zelda from Animales de Asís to talk about their project. The class made a donation of 165,200 colones together with some dog food, treats and toys as part of their activity.

Next week will be a very busy week as all of the Primary school is taking part in STEM activities (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). There will be a final “Show and Tell” activity on Friday; you will be able to see many examples of STEM in action via the school media platforms. You will be hearing a great deal more about STEM throughout the next school year as we increase our focus on this area moving forward.

Football Match
On Wednesday 16th of November, the BSCR U11 Lions football team will be competing against the “Escorpiones de Belén” U11 team at Blue Valley School. The match starts at 4:30 pm with all parents being invited to attend.


Musical Performance
Congratulations to Ankit Patel (Year 10) who participated in an evening of musical recitals on Tuesday 8th of November at Teatro Eugene O’Neill hosted by Alfredo Ramírez.  Ankit closed the event playing his IGCSE piano solo piece on stage at the event.

Football Match
On Tuesday of this week, our Senior Boys Football Team took on the Escorpiones de Belén at Blue Valley School.   In a highly entertaining and competitive game our team narrowly lost 5 – 4.  This was our first external football match since the start of the pandemic and we look forward to many more over the coming months. 

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